Empowerment through Permaculture


Our trainee teachers have struggled and suffered immense hardship, 

but are now on the way to a bright future.

Here are their stories.....

Pontsho Pitso

I am a 24 years old girl living with my siblings Thapelo and Lehlohonolo. I was studying at Samuel Johnson when our mother got ill with TB. She died in 2009. Since then our lives has been miserable. We were struggling to get food, sometimes the neighbours will give us something to eat. There were days that we have to sleep without food and we have to drink water and go to bed. We were struggling to get clothes and toiletries.  


Our father left us when I was in Primary level, till now we don’t know where he is. I had to drop out of school in 2010 to look after my siblings. I was looking after someone’s child so that she could give me something to put food on the table.


Pontsho's home. No services at all, and a very long trek for water. Imagine this scene under thick snow in winter.

Mana Mankutu

I am Mana Mankutu. I am the sister of 3 children. We have no mother and I also have 2 children of my own.I am the breadwinner of the house and we are relying on the child support grant at home and money from the father of my children. I am 22 years old.


Mana at home with her ARK made from discarded plastic bottles gathered from the street. She has so many wonderful ideas and brims with bright intelligence.

Johannes Fetsela

 I am Johannes Fetsela born in 1957 here in Zastron. I have four kids and I’m not working.

I’m not well and I’m an out patient.

Since I’m not working for me to make some cash I depend on small jobs for me and for my family. When we don’t have food on the table we go out and ask for food.


In Johannes' yard is his old vegetable bed made before he knew about the ARK.

Lefu  Pitso

 Lefu helped us with the school gardens in Zastron and is a passionate gardener. He is a young man with many talents, but is sadly unemployed and has a wife and 2 children to support.