Empowerment through Permaculture

About Us

The Shaster Foundation is a registered non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the well-being of the most vulnerable citizens of South Africa through planting food gardens and permaculture training.

Our constitution indicates that every South African citizen has a right to sufficient food and water, and yet many are still hungry without enough food to eat. If every household were to grow food - even a small amount, it could eliminate hunger in this country.

Our aim is to train people in simple permaculture techniques that will enable them to grow enough food to feed their families in their own backyards as well as earn a living while growing enough food to be able to run a soup kitchen for sick, elderly and indigent people.

Permaculture focuses on the use of what is available as well as the implementation of cultural and agricultural methods for people to learn invaluable food production skills.


Our founder Dianne Womersley with 'Gogo' - our mother figue and inspiration